Chandra Payton

Chandra Payton

Dec. 30, 1971 - July 29, 1992

Chandra never got to see twenty one years. She was murdered on July 29,1992, in Addison, Texas, while at her job in a clothing boutique. Her memoir is difficult to write because she never got to live what is considered a biography - a life that was too short to be filled with the stuff that all of us look forward to when we talk about our lives.

She graduated from Bowie High in Austin, where she had lived most of her life. She also spent time in Lubbock and Gholson, Tx. with family and friends. Her earlier years were full of youthful concerns and joys, friendships, and family, especially her doting PaPa, Tom.

Chandra was rapidly growing into a gracious, compassionate young woman who could hold her own in any room. I guess my pride shows through here. She loved animals, could make a great omelet, and laughed deep from her belly. Her name, from Sanskrit, meaning illuminous or shines like the stars hung well on her!

She is remembered and missed every day by her mother and her step-father. So much of what we wanted in our life is now out of reach.

The memories make us laugh and cry and be thankful for Chandra's life.

-- Lora Cox and Michael Cosper
October, 2006